07 - 2016/07/04


This time, we've dipped into a very chill pattern. Between floaty indie-rock, alt-pop, and a little bit of funk, it'll be hard not to lose yourself and grind a little.


Small Black - Best Blues

I've got a really soft spot for lush indie-rock. Give me some airy synths, a good hi-hat, and gentle croning and I'm in love. "Best Blues" has these in spades. Getting lost in the whirlwind of sound is intoxicating.
Musts: Boys Life, Checkpoints, No One Wants It to Happen to You

Scattle - Timelapse

Much like El Huervo in list #3, Scattle may be most well-known for his contributions to the Hotline Miami series.  The blending of dark 80s, trap, and electro-pop is so perfectly "now" that you can't help but love it in a way that you'll never get tired of. 
Musts: Boardwalk, Serrated, Uh Oh

Phantoms - Broken Halo EP

The debut EP from production duo Phantoms is less pop than its title track lets on. Beyond the very catchy hook of "Broken Halo," you'll experience hypnotic beats with very classic house sounds.
Musts: Broken Halo (ft. Nicholas Braun), All In (ft. Little Know)

The Japanese House - Clean EP

The sleepy, alternative-rock soundscapes of The Japanese House, flanked by the hyper-layered vocals of artist Amber Bain could cradle you to sleep. Not a sleep of boredom, but of home. A sleep you fade into from intimacy.
Musts: Clean, Cool Blue


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Scattle Timelapse
Purity Ring Another Eternity
Chromeo White Women
RAM RIDER ラジオボーイ - Single
RAM RIDER Around U - Single
banvox Don't Wanna Be
Kaskade vs. ZHU In the Morning - Single
Katt Strike Echoes - EP
LANY kinda - EP
The Japanese House Clean - EP
Small Black Best Blues
Com Truise Silicon Tare - EP
Phantoms Broken Halo - EP
Myzica Myzica - EP
Demi Lovato Body Say - Single
Hudson Mohawke Forever 1 (Cashmere Cat Remix) - Single
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