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Variety is important to me in ThatSounds.Cool. Not just important as an editorial challenge, but as a personal exploration. This project isn't just an outlet, it mirrors my own personal navigation. Opening up to the unfamiliar is a central goal of these lists. If you hear something you aren't immediately drawn to on this list, I'd challenge you to listen to the entire album it comes from. More likely than not, it won't change your mind, but it will better define your understanding.


Magic Man - Before the Waves

After getting obsessed with Cinderella, I looked into Magic Man and was very pleasantly surprised with the band's fresh integration of electronics and alternative rock. Every song has a breezy indie feeling and it's an album I think you could throw on easily.
Musts: Paris, Catherine, Honey


You might remember Willow's debut song six years ago, but "ARDIPITHECUS" leaves it behind for very different territory. What this lacks in consistency and vocal polish it makes up for in character and lyrical intrigue. There's something in the faux-Sia belting/slurring that paints a picture of magicks and loose grasps on humanity.
Musts: IDK, Wait a Minute!, Why Don't You Cry

Kygo - Cloud Nine

I originally found Kygo from his "Stay" single late last year and now his debut album is out. The lightness that each song is given is a pretty marked change from mainstream EDM's image of huge electro house sounds and wire-thin drops or the pop and county blends that play well on the radio. "Cloud Nine" could, in other hands, have been rearranged into radio hits and club anthems, but the light touch here gives the fantastic vocal performances seriousness and heft.
Musts: For What It's Worth (ft. Angus & Julia Stone), Intro, Firestone (ft. Conrad Sewell)

Sturgill Simpson - A Sailor's Guide to Earth

It took me two minutes into "In Bloom" to realize it was a Nirvana cover, so take that as a barometer for this country album. It's not just country and it's not just retro-country, but "A Sailor's Guide..." knows how to set a mood. Maybe that's as comfortable as I feel to talk about country music, but I really like this.
Musts: Call to Arms, Brace for Impact (Live a Little), In Bloom


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Kygo Cloud Nine
Sturgill Simpson A Sailor's Guide to Earth
Tory Lanez LA Confidential - Single
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