02 - 2016/04/11


BABYMETAL - Metal Resistance

International metal darlings BABYMETAL have released their new album and it's filled to the brim with their trademark idol-influenced vocals and killer shredding. BABYMETAL is no joke.
Musts: Road of Resistence, THE ONE, Tale of the Destinies

Skizzy Mars - Alone Together

Skizzy Mars's debut rap album is an uber chill story of growing up in the big city.
Musts: Crash (feat. Pell), Girl on a Train, Give up on Me

Hudson Mohawke - Lantern

This electronic album matches mainstream EDM energy with crunchy, hip-hop ideas.
Musts: Very First Breath (feat. Irfane), Shadows, Portrait of Luci

Autolux - PUSSY'S DEAD

Alternative rock band Autolux's new album is toes the line between indie- and space-rock. The result is a dirty glamour you'll lose yourself in.
Musts: Soft Scene, Listen to the Order, Brainwasher


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BABYMETAL Metal Resistance
Nitro Fun & Subtact Come With Me (feat. Anna Yvette) - Single
Nitro Fun Safe & Sound (feat. Danyka Nadeau) - Single
WRLD Awake - Single
Varien The Ancient & Arcane
Reatch Dry - Single
Kudu Blue Vicinity - Single
Domo Genesis Genesis
Perfume "Next Stage With You"
Macross 82-99 Cham!
luxury elite Controversial - EP
Porches Pool
Hudson Mohawke Lantern
Four Tet Beautiful Rewind
Skizzy Mars Alone Together
NESH COMPLEX Transmit - Single
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